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On Feb. 23, fire fighters from Watonwan County will test their limits and they climb the Accenture Tower in downtown Minneapolis. The climb is over 660 stairs and is done to fight lung disease.

Average times for the run are about 15 minutes, but during last years event the Watonwan County fire fighters were among the top finishing participants. Tim Flaata finished tenth out of 217 fire fighters, with a time of 6 minutes 16 seconds.

“It’s really a great experience and a wonderful feeling when you get to the top,” said Flaata following the race. “My stair climb is no challenge greater than someone who is fighting to breathe on a daily basis. That is why we participate, to raise money for the cause.”

The Watonwan County fire fighters are in the process of raising money now and are still looking for donations. To donate, type “fight for air Watonwan County fire/rescue” into your search engine, hit enter and click on the first story that shows up. From there you will be sent to the Watonwan County page where you can make a donation and support your team.

Each donation helps to support the Minnesota Chapter of the American Lung Association.