True Value in Butterfield is under new management, and with that new management comes a new opportunity for buyers Mark and Barb Warner.

“We just felt there was a need to keep the business open,” said Mark Warner.

The first day on the job was on December 1st, and when the purchase was made, there was plenty of public support.

“We had a lot of support,” said Warner. “People in the community were glad that it is going to be kept open. Support of the community will keep it open, without the support we won’t stay open.”

This is the only property they manage, but Barb did work at True Value in Butterfield as a part-time employee. Less than a week into their ownership of True Value, they are both adjusting to life in business management.

“It’s just a new experience,” said Warner. “Inventory is something we’re still getting used to.”

Helping them transition are two employees who are holdovers from the previous regime.

The Warner’s do not have any major changes for the immediate future but do want to keep up the quality customer support that has been built in Butterfield but could be looking to expand in the future to provide more selection and service to the Butterfield community.

The Warners would like to thank Dave and Karen Buhler, the previous owners, and managers, for their years of support within the Butterfield community