St. James golf enthusiasts have been left in limbo this winter. Pioneer Bank has owned and ran the golf course since November of last year. The bank does not have the resources to keep running the golf course. Pioneer Bank could possibly make more money by liquidating the course and selling if as land, but the intention is to keep a golf course in the community.

As of the time of the meeting there had been no concrete negotiations for the golf course. They want to sell the course, but they are also open to leasing the property. These prospective buyers have stated that all of the equitment on site is top of the line.

The idea of having a member owned clud was also thrown out there. This idea would require the price on memberships to be increased. The advantage of this option is that the members would be able to create a board of members where they would be able to make decisions regarding any issues.
The community is in danger of losing one of the city’s attractions. After seeing how many people attended the meeting it is clear that community members will not let the course go quietly. With the efforts of the community members, as well as Pioneer Bank, St. James hopes to reach an agreement of a sale sooner rather than later.

For more information please see the March 2 print edition of the St. James Plaindealer.