On Monday night the St. James School Board met at Armstrong for their regularly scheduled meeting.

One of the first items discussed was the enrollment. This time of year is usually the down time, in terms of enrollment. In February the school district dropped six students. Not long after they lost those six students, a family of six just enrolled in the school. The board is expecting the enrollment to jump back up to its normal level, which is impressive in the low point of the year for enrollment.

Next up on the agenda was talking about their Achievement and Integration Plan. This is a three year plan that is focused on college and career readiness. They are required to have two goals, the first goal is for the sixth grade students to take a trip to Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshal. There they will listen to a motivational speaker and tour the school. This goal is shared by all schools participating in the Achievement and Integration Plan. The second goal is to increase the enrollment in vocational and college classes. This plan will help St. James students to be better prepared after graduating from high school.

For more information please see the March 16 print edition of the St. James Plaindealer.