Update 8-27: 

According to Southern Minnesota News Falcon now faces additional charges after an alleged threat took place on August 17th in Watonwan County Jail. According to Southern Minnesota News Falcon is facing a felony charge of threats of violence and a county of assault in the 5th degree. Southern Minnesota News reported that  "Court documents say that on August 17th, Falcon was eating a meal of pork chops when another inmate “brushed past” him while returning to his cell. Jailers say Falcon became agitated by this because he felt he was being disrespected. Falcon then allegedly grabbed a pork chop bone and went to the victim’s cell and threatened him, saying “I’m going to stab your b*tch ass in the neck.”  Falcon then returned to finish his meal, but the next day he again allegedly threatened to stab the victim in the neck while he and other inmates were playing cards."

This story will be updated as details become available. Please see the 8-24 print edition of the Plaindealer for the  full original story. 

Vincent Falcon appeared in Watonwan County Court for an ominous hearing on Tuesday, August 22nd. During the hearing Jill Backer for the defense announced that they will be filing a rule 20 motion which is a mental evaluation to see if the defendant is capable of standing trial.

Falcon was charged last month with kidnapping and other charges. The charges come after an alleged incident took place on First Avenue South in St. James.