Healthy Housing Assessments were completed during the Summer of 2017 in St. James. After successfully completing 34 housing assessments, housing repair needs were identified, La Convivencia Hispana members who acted as volunteer housing advocates during the Healthy Housing Assessments volunteered and moved forward with some of the Winterization repairs that needed to be completed before Winter came. With the help of Thrivent Action Team they were able to help with the Winterization of 9 homes this Fall.

Since there was only limited time to get projects done before the Winter time the team knew that they would have to pick a project that could have a meaningful impact but something that could be done quickly. After discussing the idea of doing window repairs during a newly formed Habitat For Humanity Board meeting members of the board realized that with the help of La Convivencia Volunteers and a Thrivent Action team fixing windows could be done immediately.

Another benefit that they had for doing the window repairs was that they had a very valuable asset in town. Dennis Johnson who does window repairs in town was able to repair the windows which allowed for the windows to be repaired quicker. “Without Dennis Johnson this project wouldn’t have worked,” said Flitter.

The next step was for members of La Convivencia and Flitter to go to the homes to take out the old windows and to put the new ones in. Flitter explained that while it is simple and not very time consuming to put in a new window it is very difficult if you don’t know how to do it and often times it just won’t get done. Another problem for many people in funding. Windows can be expensive and there is also the problem of finding someone to install just a few windows at a affordable price. Through Thrivent Action Teams a program that any Thrivent Financial member can sign up for and through La Convivencia the windows were able to be purchased.

Some of the different repairs that were done this Fall include installing 1 entrance door, 1 spring door screen, 1 storm door knob, 1 screen being replaced and sheetrocking 3 walls. Overall this Fall they visited 9 homes that needed help and helped repair and install 23 windows.

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