Bobby Joe Murillo appeared in Watonwan County Court last Thursday facing two gross misdemeanor charges after a raid of his home found not only meth residue but a house full of garbage, cat feces, and fruit flies.

According to the complaint filed in Watonwan County “ On March 29, 2018, agents with the Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force executed search warrant at residence in St. James, Watonwan County, Minnesota. The occupants of the residence are Defendant Bobby Joe Murilla (DOB: 09/12/1981) and Melissa Ann Marie Farr (DOB: 01/11/1982), and their small child. Agents found the home to be in significant disarray. The floors were completely covered with clothing and garbage. Every room in the house contained rotting food, fruit flies, cat feces, and garbage, including the room occupied by the child. The agents found it difficult to breathe while inside the residence because of the foul smell. Located in the residence was large gem baggie with residue that tested positive for methamphetamine. An additional baggie with residue was also located in the house. Sgt. Barry Gulden of the Watonwan County Sheriff’s Office located Defendant walking near the home, with the child. Defendant was arrested, and the child was taken into protective custody. small amount of marijuana was located on Defendant.”

Murillo is being charged with one count of Drugs - 5th Degree - Possess Schedule 1,2,3,4 - Not Small Amount Marijuana and one count of Endanger Child-Situation Could Cause Harm or Death-G (Not applicable - GOC). 

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