About a month ago I wrote about how I was excited for the Springtime and for the consistently warm weather. At that point, it looked like the warm weather was in sight, and spring sports were about to begin.

I guess I spoke too soon.

Even though I knew when I moved to Minnesota, it would be cold but I don’t think anyone predicted for it to snow multiple times and be cold on a daily basis.

One of the worst things I think about it snowing in April is that local sports teams aren’t able to have their competitions outside. On Monday, Robbie and I  were at the softball field where they were clearing the infield and gave them a hand. If someone had told me a month ago that the fields still wouldn’t ready I wouldn’t have believed it at all.

Unfortunately because of the weather we have had and the future forecast it may be tough for games to take place in Southern Minnesota soon but hopefully all of the Saints will be able to get on the field, the track and on the court soon at home.

The other disappointment for some people around here are for those who rely on good weather for a number of different things. Whether it’s agriculture, painting, roofing or many other careers or tasks the importance of good weather for an entire spring and summer season can’t ever be overstated.

At the end of the day hopefully, April snow will bring May flowers this year.