A Mt. Lake man faces two felony charges after a incident took place in Butterfield involving him and his brother.

A Mt. Lake man faces two felony charges after a incident took place in Butterfield involving him and his brother.

According to a complaint filed in Watonwan County Court, “On May 27,2018, Sgt. Barry Gulden of the Watonwan County Sheriff’s Office responded to Voss Park in Butterfield about a shooting incident that had taken place. Upon arrival, he spoke to the victim.

The victim stated that he was in Butterfield, across from the school. He observed Defendant Dylan Richard Krueger drive south on Fifth Street South at a high rate of speed. Defendant was followed by his juvenile brother. The victim yelled at Defendant to slow down because there were children present. The victim and the defendant exchanged words with each other and the defendant got back into his vehicle. Defendant then brandished a handgun toward the victim and left, with the victim following him.

The victim followed the defendant to get his license plate number, but lost him. He turned north on 630th Avenue. The victim was traveling at high rate of speed when he came over a hill on the dirt road. He observed the defendant parked on the side of the road. The victim swerved to avoid the defendants car and ended up spinning out 180 degrees. He was now facing the defendant's vehicle. At that point, Defendant extended the handgun out his drivers side window and fired off several rounds.

The victims truck had stalled after the spinout. He got it started and attempted to leave, but did not realize that the truck’s transmission was in forward, rather than reverse. He traveled forward and struck Defendant’s vehicle getting stuck on the push bumper on Defendant’s vehicle.

Defendant exited his vehicle with the handgun. He went to the driver’s side door and put the gun to the victims temple. The victim said the gun was touching his skin. Defendant asked if the victim wanted a bullet in his head. Defendant then pointed the gun behind him and fired it into the ground, ands the altercation ended thereafter.

Sgt. Gulden traveled to the area where the incident occured. He observed two vehicles still at the scene, one of which belonged to the victim. Sgt. Gulden followed the victim to his home and arrested the defendant while there. He took possession of Defendants handgun. Defendant PBT (Portable breath test) at .197.

The defendant is scheduled to appear in court next Tuesday.