Breau Ness has found a way to combine her passion of helping others and exercising through Champions Fitness.

At approximately 7:15 p.m, as my aching limbs laid splayed out on a blue mat, savoring every ragged breath that came from a sore chest, I had contemplated ending my friendship with Breau Ness.

Not due to any bitter fight or a long string of disagreements, but because in 24 years she gave me one of the most intense, yet fulfilling workouts in my entire life.

Now I'm a former high school and collegiate athlete, so a rigorous workout isn't a foreign concept.

The problem is: I'm no longer an athlete, and nowadays, I prefer to get my exercise by hastily punching keys on my computer and making mad dashes at my Keurig for my coffee refills.

However, for the past year, Breau Ness has been conducting workout sessions at her self-owned gym Champions Fitness.

Champions Fitness founded in 2017 by Ness, offers a wide selection of workout programs and classes, ranging from one-on-one to small groups.

The name derived from an undefeated seventh-grade girls basketball team Ness coached when her team would always break the huddle with the word 'champions.'

While the term workout might be a bit intimidating to some, the forty-minute classes are at a go-at-your-own-pace flow.

"I think we're conditioned to think we need to compete with others when we're working out," said Ness. "But, in these camps or workouts, I want people to reach their unique personal goals and feel comfortable with their limits."

Champions Fitness is located in a gym at her residence in the township of St. James.

The gym is comprised of an indoor workout studio, as well as an outdoor yard for exercises such as tire flips, sled drags, and other open space exercises.

The studio has an intimate feel, without people feeling cramped between exercises.

It's large enough for a group of ten or more to have their individual space to do some reps, but still close enough for communication between workout partners.

All in all, it's an experience the former St. James and MSU basketball standout sought to accomplish when she channeled her passion for personal training after performing in bodybuilding show last March.

In between rigorous training for bodybuilding, Ness was also taking tests to become a licensed personal trainer.

"I was always in the gym helping people, and I grew a love for helping others reach their goals," said Ness. "Personal training combines my two favorite passions of fitness and helping people into one setting."

Ness initially started conducting workouts in "Better, Faster, Stronger," strength and conditioning class for local volleyball players last year.

Realizing she loved working with children, she started a kids' group - where she teaches the basics of working out, while also implementing relaxed competitions for her energetic group.

She follows that with an adult group, with some of her oldest members being in their early 70's.

"There's no age limit when it comes to fitness," Ness said. "My job is to help anyone reach their goal and ultimately be their happiest self."