Moments ago Watonwan County Attorney, Steve Lindee filed a complaint in court charging Scott Engelbrecht with two counts of 2nd Degree Murder and one count of 2nd Degree Assault- Dangerous Weapon.

Moments ago Watonwan County Attorney, Steve Lindee filed a complaint in court charging  Scott Engelbrecht with two counts of 2nd Degree Murder and one count of 2nd Degree Assault- Dangerous Weapon. 

According to the complaint filed in court: 

On June 16, 2018, at 5:41 p.m., St. James Police Officer Jonathan LeClaire responded to 1124 First Avenue South in St. James, Watonwan County, on a report that someone had been shot. Upon arrival, Officer LeClaire observed Defendant Scott Francis Engelbrecht (DOB: 12/30/1958) walking east through the backyard of 1122 First Avenue South carrying a .22 caliber rifle. Officer LeClaire unholstered his service weapon and ordered Defendant to drop his gun. Defendant leaned the gun against a tree, and walked toward Officer LeClaire. Officer LeClaire asked Defendant what was going on and Defendant made a statement to the effect of “I shot her” or “I did it.” Defendant was walking toward Officer LeClaire with his hands and wrists together as though he was ready to be handcuffed. While Defendant was walking toward Officer LeClaire, Dillion Paul Mathias (DOB: 12/15/1997) yelled from the porch of 1124 First Avenue South that Defendant had shot Mathias’ grandmother. Officer LeClaire told Defendant to turn around and put his hands behind his back. Before doing so, Defendant reached into his pocket and pulled out several .22 caliber shells and put them on the driveway. He was arrested and put in Officer LeClaire’s squad car.

Officer LeClaire walked into the house at 1124 First Avenue South and observed Joyce Ann Engelbrecht (DOB: 03/03/1951) on the floor in the northwest corner of the house. She was lying on her left side, and there was blood near her head. Officer LeClaire observed a hole in Joyce Engelbrecht’s forehead and swelling around her right eye. She was breathing and appeared to be alert to what was happening around her. She was transferred to the hospital shortly thereafter, listed in critical condition. She was declared dead on June 17, 2018, at 2:01 p.m.

Officer LeClaire spoke to Mathias. Around 5 p.m., Mathias ate dinner with his mother, Rachel Elaine Linder (DOB: 08/07/1974), and Melvin James Engelbrecht (DOB: 04/23/1929). Defendant and Joyce Engelbrecht were arguing because Defendant had forgotten their wedding anniversary this year and for the past several years in a row. After he was done eating, Mathias went downstairs to watch TV. Shortly thereafter, he heard a thud as if someone had fallen on the floor upstairs. He heard his mother, yell, “You shot her, you bastard!” Mathias ran upstairs with a stun gun. When he arrived upstairs, he observed Defendant holding a .22 caliber rifle and pointing it toward the kitchen. Mathias yelled, “Hey!” at which point Defendant turned the rifle on Mathias. Mathias attempted to use the stun gun on Defendant but was unsuccessful. He then told Linder to run and not stop. Mathias ran to the basement, locked himself in the bathroom, and called 911. When he came outside, he observed Officer LeClaire yelling at Defendant.

Officer LeClaire located Linder two houses away at 1120 First Avenue South. She was lying on the porch and was deceased. There was blood on the ground near Linder’s head. According to the Ramsey County medical examiner, she had suffered three bullet wounds: one in the back, one in the left forearm, and one in the head. The head wound exhibited soot on the skin near the edge of the wound, indicating that the gun was in very close proximity when it was discharged.

Defendant gave several statements under Miranda. He did not deny shooting either victim.