Whether it’s a broken bone, a major tragedy, or a transport from one hospital to another members of the ambulance department are usually the first ones to help people.

For St. James they were fortunate enough to add three new members to their department since the start of 2018.

While they all may have had different paths to joining the department they all have one thing in common.

They want to help others.

Jennie Firchau

For Jennie Firchau joining the Ambulance Department was something that she was always interested in doing.

Growing up her father Lenny Geiger was the Fire Chief in Ormsby and she explained that she always understood what it was like when an emergency arrived and her father had to go to action to help others.

After many years of having joining the ambulance department on her bucket list she joined the department in January.

Asides from her family connection of first responders Firchau said that she really wanted to join the department because her whole life she has always been involved in the community and wants to continue that.

Kelly Schiller

Kelly Schiller’s grandmother Audrey Schiller was a charter member of the St. James Ambulance Department when it was first created in 1974.

For Schiller though while the family connection is definitely a memorable one she pointed to the chance to help people as the reason why she wanted to join the department. Schiller who works at Mayo Clinic as a nurse said that joining the department means that she has the chance to help more people and also help people in a different way.

Schiller explained that while working at the hospital she often sees patients who are coming in for a regular appointment or other appointments.

While working as a EMT Schiller is able to experience helping people as a first responder which means she is helping people often in a different way and is one of the first people to help them when something bad happens. “I like to help people,” Schiller stated when asked why joined the department.

Stacy Hatfield

While Stacy Hatfield may not have family connections that date back decades ago she has been dedicated to making a difference in the community since moving to the area a few years ago. Hatfield who worked as a CNA for seven years first got her start as a ambulance member with the Lewisville Ambulance Department.

Hatfield began on the department taking on many day shifts something that is a struggle to fill especially for many small towns like Lewisville. Now Hatfield is a member of both departments after being recruited by a classmate from her EMT class Jennie Firchau.

After they completed the course in January Firchau made the pitch for Hatfield to join the St. James squad which she did. Like many volunteer EMTS around the country Hatfeild feels fortunate that she is able to go and help others even while at work something she is very thankful for.

St. James City Manager, Sam Hansen said that he is happy to have new members join their department.

“We welcome the new members to our dedicated EMS team. We have a great staff in place right now and we look forward to our new members continuing the level of service our team provides to the St. James community.”

St. James to host EMT Classes

This year St. James will be the host of EMT classes something that is required to become a member of the Ambulance Department. The class which is ran by South Central College is a 160 hour class that runs from August 30 until December 18. The course cost is $1,395. 59 which includes the cost of tuition, insurance, practical test and background check. Classes will take place at the St. James Fire Department. For those who wish to join the St. James Ambulance Department contact Mark Nielsen for more details.