Every year on the 4th of July the City of St. James has a fireworks display on St. James Lake.

Although the fireworks display takes place every year the fund is dependent on donations from the community in order for the tradition to continue.

Last year only about $3,500 was raised for the fireworks fund while they need about $6,000 for the fireworks.

City Manager Sam Hansen said that they hope to continue the tradition of fireworks displays going forward for decades to come and the goal is to raise more than the amount needed this year.

At time of publication $5,300 has been raised for the fireworks display this year coming from the following organizations donations.

$500: Legion Auxiliary $300: VFW Auxiliary $1,500: Legion $1,000: VFW $2,000: Eagles

To make a donation to the fireworks fund of any amount contact City Hall. All donations made to the fireworks fund will only be used for fireworks.