About a week after a tragic situation took place taking the lives of Joyce Engelbrecht and Rachel Linder a celebration of life reception was held on Sunday, where hundreds of friends and family gathered to Jake’s Pizza.

The memorial gathering was held so friends and family could share their favorite moments about them.

During the gathering one of the ways that people described Rachel and Joyce had a consistent theme. They were both described as some of the most kindest people ever.

One of the people who knew Rachel best was her high school sweetheart James Matthews who spent many great moments together since meeting when they were 16 and in high school in Maryland.

While James said there were countless great memories that he made with Rachel he described one of his favorite things about his time with her was being able to go on countless motorcycle rides together over the years.

James described his favorite memories of Joyce was spending many summer nights playing “flashlight tag” with Joyce’s family and his family while they were growing up.

Rachel’s oldest son Dillon described his favorite memories of his mom and his grandma as the many moments they spent laughing and having a good time together.

Dillon explained that his last memories he remembers with the two was them sharing laughs during dinner that evening.

Rachel was also a type of person that was able to make friends and memories quickly. One friend Anna Alexander who only met Rachel a couple of months ago explained that she was a really kind person and although they just met they quickly became good friends including sharing a phone call only minutes before the tragedy took place, Alexander explained.

The two met when Rachel and James Matthews went on a D.C trip on their motorcycles. Because Alexander and her husband Russell Oliver live in North Carolina, Oliver decided to take his wife to meet his best friend of many year’s James.

A memorial fund has been set up in to help raise funds for the victims families. To donate to the go fund me page go to https://www.gofundme.com/memorialsforjoyceand-rachel.

A memorial has also been planted at the house where Linder was found deceased.