Bob Woehrle had a lofty presence on the St. James sidelines as coach of the football team, but his legacy will be cemented when he is inducted into the St. James Hall of Fame.

For 18 years, a coach known as "Pop," or "Uncle Bob," engineered some of the best sports teams in St. James history.
A coach of the then-St. James Apostles, a short, wiry man named Robert Woehrle armed with his trademark faded ballcap that barely covered his salt-and-pepper temples was a popular figure in St. James.As a beloved teacher, he taught high school students how to navigate through life in his business training classes.
On the gridiron, basketball court, and baseball diamond, Woehrle used those same teaching tools to sharpen some of St. James' finest athletes.
Woehrle's journey didn't start in St. James, or Minnesota - his story began in a town with a population that barely reached 520 in Hawkeye, Iowa. 
The Iowa native made the trip north to Minnesota, where he attended Pine City High School before heading the Twin Cities - where he was a four-year letterwinner under center for Hamline University.
In Minnesota, Woehrle developed a passion for two things: sports and teaching.
His daughter, Mary recounted how Bob could rattle off encyclopedic sports knowledge like letters in the alphabet.
Woehrle was more than just a sports fanatic - he was a Swiss army knife, using all of his tools to excel in every area he pursued.
Cokato, Minnesota provided Woehrle his first opportunity to coach football in 1928.
The early years of football - leather helmets, padless uniforms, canvas-sewn pants - resembled modern rugby more than the hard-hitting, fast-paced game of today. 
Thirteen men would line up for Woehrle's first season, and teams such as rival powerhouse Hutchinson would take advantage of that. 
Unfazed by a season filled with blowouts and liberal scoring tactics by opponents - Woehrle willed his eager, yet battered Cokato team to win their only game of the season in a satisfying 38-6 win over Monticello.
That first season in Cokato set the tone for Woehrle's future teams - gritty, united and resilient.
By his second year in Cokato as a wide-eyed but level-headed 27 years old, Woehrle was the head coach for Cokato's big three sports.
He led their baseball team to its third Wright County championship in 1928. In his final season in Cokato, Woehrle led both basketball and baseball teams to the Wright County finals. 
But a move down south to St. James for the then-28-year-old would be a career-defining move.
Under the tutelage of Ed Lund, Woehrle would make a strong impression on the St. James sidelines - leading the team to a 6-1 season.
But Woehrle did more than improve the on-field product for the football program.
He instituted additional practices and camps during school-sanctioned activity hours for out-of-towners and farm kids who didn't have bussing after practices.
As the game of football evolved in the 40's, so did Woehrle's strategies and playcalling.
His teams would exploit the passing game and the speed of his gritty farm boys to become a team known for their high-octane offenses and "never-say-die" attitude. 
By 1947, "Pop" transformed from a wide-eyed 28-year old looking to prove himself in a new town to a 45-year-old with a face molded from experience, who was retiring as the program's winningest coach.
In his near two-decade stint as the red-and-black's football coach, Woehrle left with a 71-59-6 record. Woehrle's 71 wins and .546 winning percentage are all-time marks in the football coaching ranks. 
But Woehrle would put in another ten years in his 28-year association with the school after his football days were over.
He would step into in the dugout as the St. James' baseball skipper for three years. Woehrle would also serve as the school's athletic director from 1953-1958 before retiring. 
To understand the impact, Woehrle has in the classroom, ball fields and the community, below is an excerpt from his 1958 yearbook dedication:
"He {Woehrle} played an important part in the education of the students for the past twenty-eight years."
A lifelong teacher in both sports and biology, Woehrle would head to Grasston, MN, teaching, and coaching at Braham High for three years before retiring altogether. 
In 2018, 60 years after retiring from St. James, Woehrle will be posthumously inducted into the 2018 St. James Athletic Hall of Fame. 
While photographs and personal and intimate of Woehrle are few and far between - his impact on St. James has endured the passage of time, and his name will be enshrined forever.