When new Butterfield-Odin Science Teacher Michael Mattick graduated  from Washington high school in Sioux Falls he had about 500 people in his graduating class.  

When he got his first full time position as a full time substitute at Rosevelt HIgh School there was about 2200 students at the school.

Now the Sioux Falls native will be teaching in a small school district.

As Mattick explained he wouldn’t want it any other way.

Mattick whos last teaching stint was in Albert Lea said he is excited for the challenge of being the only teacher in the schools science department and is excited for the opportunity to connect with the students.

One of the reasons why he is looking forward to teaching in a small district he explained is because he will have a chance to teach a smaller number of students and will be able to really connect with them.

This summer Mattick has spent an extensive amount of time looking at different textbooks to decide on the best ones to use for each grade level.

While it created for long days at the library Mattick explained he was very happy to do it because he understands that it's not often that teachers get to design their own curriculum or pick what textbooks they will use.

He explained that starting in the district with the books he feels most comfortable using is a great foundation for what he hopes to be a long future with the school district and in the community.

Asides from being able to pick his own textbooks another advantage that Mattick sees as a huge advantage to teaching in a smaller school district is being able to connect with the community more compared to larger communities where people tend to be more isolated.

While Mattick is originally from Sioux Falls he explained that he has plenty of Minnesota roots with his dad being from outside of Albert Lea and his mom being born in Redwood Falls.

Asides from his parents he also has family scattered Minnesota including family in Marshall who he stayed with while attending school at SMSU.

One of Mattick’s biggest interests is sports as he has played a number of different sports throughout his life and also coached the 8th grade football team at Albert Lea last year.

While Mattick hopes to coach in the future for this year he wants to focus on teaching and learning about the community.

Also when he has time he enjoys playing the card game Magic.

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