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“ Closed until further notice”

That was what a sign read on the Hickory Inn Restaurant front door on Wednesday about 9 years after the business was purchased according to a public record search.

The little over 63,000 square bar and restaurant was bought in 2009 by Nancy Miller buying the building from Gloria Sandmeyer/ Sandmeyer Rentals for $220,000 according to a public search.

In a press statement St. James Area Chamber of Commerce Director Joe McCabe said that he hopes that someone will take on the tough world of the restaurant business and will reopen the Hickory Inn.

“It is always sad to see a business close in St. James.   The restaurant business is a very difficult business to operate in today's economy because of the competition and fluctuating food prices.  Hopefully someone will be willing to step up, take the challenge and reopen the Hickory.”

The Hickory Inn building and land was assessed at $276,600 according to public records.

The Plaindealer will continue to provide updates as they become available.