During the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities Summer Conference, St. James City Manager Sam Hansen was given the The Excellence in Service Award.

In a press release the coalition described the award by saying.

“The Excellence in Service Award is given annually to a city leader who demonstrates knowledge, leadership and active participation in CGMC program areas over the past year.”

When asked about how he felt about winning the award Hansen explained that he is humble and honored to be chosen to win the award.

During the past legislative year Hansen has been a proven advocate for different bills that are not only important to St. James but also to every other Greater Minnesota City that the coalition represents.

Less than two years into his position as St. James’ city manager, Hansen has proven to be an up-and-coming leader for the CGMC. He has taken on an active role in the organization by participating in lobby days, conferences and other events, and helping to advocate for many of the issues that impact Greater Minnesota cities. During the most recent legislative session, Hansen testified at a State House hearing in favor of the GMC's bid to increase funding for Local Government Aid, which helps cities across the state pay for critical needs and restrain property taxes, a press release by the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities stated.

A few months ago one of Hansen’s biggest tasks was to testify at the Capital on the behalf of many Greater Minnesota Cities who are in need of more LGA funding.

As part of the testifying by Hansen and other leaders around the state a bill was passed which gave St. James  an additional $161,998 for next year.

Dave Smiglewski in a press release said that they are very happy that city leaders like Hansen step up and help support things like LGA funding something that makes up 43.5% of St. James general budget.

“Sam is a fervent supporter of LGA, which is perhaps the most important issue our organization works on,” said Dave Smiglewski, mayor of Granite Falls and president of the CGMC. “By sharing his city’s stories and speaking up on behalf of all rural communities, he has helped bring attention to critical issues that impact Greater Minnesota.”

Hansen explained that he feels it is very important for cities like St. James to help continue the supporting of the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities because they represent small cities like St. James on many localized critical issues like child care, LGA, and transportation to name a few.

The City Manager also said he is grateful that the City is supportive of him going to help advocate for the important issues and looks forward to being an active advocate for the Coalition in the future.