Since the beginning of the year there have been a number of tragic incidents that have taken place at schools.

 Because of this many school districts have invested necessary funds into improving their security and to what they can to make their schools more safe.

 This summer the Butterfield-Odin School will be receiving needed security improvements with the work expected to be done for the first day of school.

 The school district budgeted for $30,000 for technology and security upgrades something that Butterfield-Odin Superintendent Ray Arsenault said was something he saw as a way they could improve their school when he started last year.

 Some of the improvements that will be made include adding cameras at different entrances as well as key card access on doors.

 The biggest security improvement that Arsenault noted was the fact that visitors will now need to be buzzed in when they come to the front door which will also have a camera.

 Arsenault said that this is important because it will allow the main office staff to make sure that anyone trying to enter the school is permitted to do so.

 While the school district is very happy they are making improvement to their security system through their budgeted item in the 10 year maintenance plan Arsenault said that they are looking into different grant opportunities and hopes they will be able to receive that funding to make more improvements to the schools security.

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