In 2002 Ormsby native and St. James High School graduate Jon Nibbe started his collegiate career at Mankato State University.

Now sixteen years later the talented artist is back in the area doing something he enjoys a lot.


After graduating from Mankato State in 2006 with a Fine Arts Degree in Ceramics and Painting he spent another two years at the school studying where he received his Masters Degree of Art in Ceramics.

Nibbe explained that although he knew he wanted to do something with art he didn’t know what he wanted to do at first.

After studying art education Nibbe eventually made the transition to mainly studying ceramics, something that Nibbe said he is happy he did.

While Nibbe’s career began in St. James when he first introduced to different forms of art in high school he has also gained very valuable education over the years both in Minnesota and abroad.

After graduating with his masters degree from Mankato State University Nibbe took his talents to Taiwan to learn study at the Tainan National University of the Arts located in Tainan County where he got his Master of Fine Art degree is Studio Arts.  

After studying for a few years in Taiwan Nibbe was given another opportunity abroad from 2011-2012 where he  spent over a year studying tea ware used in Japanese tea ceremonies under the Ohi family in Ishikawa prefecture in Kanazawa, Japan.  During this time he worked as an assistant to the 10th and 11th generation. During the time Nibbe had the Sensei Chozaemon Toshio Ohi someone well known in the world of ceramics.

During this time Nibbe was also able to have his work shown  internationally as well as in America. As well some of Nibbe’s  work is part of private collections and museums.

After being abroad for a few years Nibbe came back to Southern Minnesota particularly Watonwan County where he is building his own studio and making art that can be useful to people everyday lives.

“The greatest compliment I receive is when a patron tells me that my work has become part of their daily routine.”

Since moving back to the area Nibbe has also enjoyed the task of helping to build the ceramics community.

Because the intensive process of firing things in a kiln it becomes a team effort.

During the last firing at his local kiln Nibbe said he was very fortunate to have many people in the ceramics community to help with the firing of hundreds of items during the course of a weekend.

Nibbe has also helped promote ceramics in the local community by teaching a free class at the Watonwan County Library through a grant as well as working with artists who are learning about the art of the trade just like Nibbe was doing a few years ago.

The next step now that the recent firing took place will take place next weekend when they have the opening of the kiln something that he hopes many people will attend.
For more information about the opening contact Jon on Instagram at nibbeceramics.