Charges were filed in Watonwan County Court on Monday after Anthony Pietsch was arrested last week on charges of 3rd Degree Assault and one Misdemeanor count of Domestic Violence.

According to the complaint On August 3 Watonwan County Deputy Sheriff Brandon Sprenger took a report of a domestic situation between the victim and Pietsch.

The complain goes on to say that, He received a phone call from the Victim’s mother who was with the Victim at the hospital. The mother had received a phone call from the Victim’s sister that the Victim had been assaulted and had sent her sister a picture of her face covered in blood. The Victim’s mother called the Victim who was crying and upset. She told her mother, “ He did it again.” and “ I can’t do this anymore.” The Victim’s mother picked her up at the Casey’s on First Ave.  

According to the complaint the Victim’s face was bloody and she was crying. The Victim has called her mother over a dozen times because of Defendant’s abuse.

Deputy Sprenger spoke to the Victim who said they were drinking at the bar in St. James, drinking and playing darts. They got into an argument on the way home. Defendant struck her several times in the vehicle, until she got out and walked home. At home, the fighting continued. The Victim threw a toy tractor at him and he threw it back at her. She eventually left the house and walked to St. James.

The Victim needed stitches to close a laceration on her face that was bleeding. She believes the toy tractor hit her there and that’s what caused the cut.

Pietsch was arrested. He provided a statement, confirming many of the details provided by the Victim. He denied hitting her. He said that he “ tossed” the tractor at her and that it her in the face, causing her to bleed.

During Pietsch bail hearing on Monday Steve Lindee, Watonwan County Attorney was heard on bail saying that although he didn’t have a chance to check out the photos that the victim was very bloody and that bail should be set at the minimum recommendation of $15,000 with conditions and $30,000 with conditions.

Lindee also noted that Pietsch is on probation for DWI in another county and blew a .09 at the time of his arrest.

Judge Ferrazzano II set bail at $20,000 with conditions and $40,000 without conditions.

The next hearing in the case is scheduled for an initial appearance on Tuesday, August 14.