A little over a year after Jesus Ibarra was charged with First Degree Assault a plea agreement was reached on Tuesday in Watonwan County Court.

As part of the plea agreement of Ibarra pleading guilty to First Degree Assault he had the other two charges dropped, will be given a stay of execution of 117 months in prison and will have to spend 365 in jail.

According to the complaint filed last June, Ibarra assaulted 80 year old St.James resident Pascual Sanchez on June 26th, 2017 at approximately 12:45pm. It is alleged that while Sanchez was outside his home on a bench fixing a bicycle Ibarra came and asked Sanchez what he was doing and Ibarra was holding up a bag of marijuana, and showed it to Sanchez. Sanchez according to the complaint said to Ibarra he better do something with it or he would be arrested. It is alleged that after that Ibarra grabbed Sanchez’s baseball bat and said “ You’re pretty brave.”

According to the complaint Sanchez then stood up to get his hat, and that is when the assault began. It is alleged that Ibarra struck Sanchez in the face and ribs at least 6 times and kicked him multiple times in the ribs, arm, and head.

After being arrested on June 28th, Ibarra was transported to the Law Enforcement Center. At first he refused to give a statement. He was then told he would be charged  with assault, and Ibarra then asked “ Is there any way I can get out of it? You know what I mean.” He was then advised by law enforcement that they were not interested in working with him as a confidential informant.

Ibarra in court admitted to being under the influence of drugs that day and doesn’t remember all of the details of the incident but knows he punched Sanchez causing him great harm.  

Before the hearing concluded Watonwan County Attorney went on the record stating that he knows that the media has been following the case and that he wanted the record to be clear that he talked to the victim, his wife and two other family members who agree that the deal is acceptable.

Ibarra will be sentenced at the end of September.