A new law authored by District 16A Rep. Chris Swedzinski of Ghent is now in effect to help retailers track down people who execute gasoline drive-offs in leased vehicles.

State law already allows gas retailers to contact the Department of Public Safety and get private, personal information to track down a vehicle’s owner in the event of a drive-off.

It had been more difficult tracking down individuals who lease their vehicles prior to Swedzinski’s bill taking effect as of Aug. 1.

Retailers had to resort to different methods – such as contacting banks and lenders – to get the private contact information of a lessee.

“This is all about closing a gap in our law to help our small businesses,” Swedzinski said. “Whether it is criminal activity or an honest mistake at the pump, this new law will simplify the process for retailers to gain access to lessee’s information so they can remit payments.”

– Photo courtesy of the Internet Public Domain