For those of you that don’t know what my headline is referencing I am back in my hometown of Rhode Island for vacation.

One fun fact about Rhode Island is that we only have one area code. 401. Another fun fact about Rhode Island is that it’s the only state in the Union that celebrates “Victory Day”.

While it can be debated about whether or not any state should be celebrating the day or not or if the day should even exist in 2018 Rhode Island continues to observe the holiday on the 2nd Monday of every August.

As I am writing this column as i'm getting ready to board my 5:45 a.m. flight to Logan Airport I am getting excited about all the cool things that I haven’t seen in 8 months ( and to see some cool people too).

One really neat tradition that my family started the last few years is renting a beach house for a week during the Victory Day week in order for us to spend time together and get away from our hectic lives.

Some of the other things I am looking forward to include: Having Dunkin Donuts on every street. People don’t believe me when I tell them how many Dunkin Donuts are near my parents house and in general in New England but put it this way. Imagine if every farm you saw in Minnesota was a Dunkin Donuts then multiply that by 10 and thats how many Dunks there are. Awful Awfuls - fun fact Awful Awfuls are hands down the greatest icecream type invention ever created.

I promise you if you ever visit the Ocean State and you try one you will thank me! Del’s Lemonade. This is another Rhode Island staple. I feel very bad for my Minnesota friends who have never had the opportunity to try one of the most delicious refreshing drinks ever created. Next time your in Rhode Island make sure you try some. Coffee Milk at grocery stores. The last time I had Coffee Milk sent to me it cost about $20.

I am glad I can get it at any local market for less than $5 during vacation. And of course while I am on vacation I am looking forward to spending time with my family and old friends. So while i'm enjoying my time in the 401 I am sure I will miss my home back in the 507 as well.