Today in Washington DC politicians made an symbolic gesture  supporting newsrooms the size of the New York Times and small newsrooms like St. James.

Congress passed a resolution declaring that the press is not an enemy of the people.

The resolution came after the Boston Globe came up with an idea where newspapers across the country would dedicate their editorial space to promote the Freedom of Speech a fundamental right given to us in the First Amendment.

I have had the privilege of being apart of the press on a national stage and in a small community where I currently work.

In both roles, like other journalists across the country l have and always will make one thing my priority.

Finding the truth and reporting on it.

Since I began my career in the industry as a college student writing columns and doing interviews  for a 600,000 + daily circulation I have seen the importance of the freedom of speech.

I saw it when I was at different political debates and conventions where there were often times more people protesting outside for different causes than people in attendance.

I saw it after the Inauguration when protestors lined the streets and of course the next day when in historic fashion the first ever Women’s March took place.

During each of these moments the freedom to be able to peacefully protest for what they believed in was so important they did whatever it took.

As a local newspaper reporter I have seen countless times the importance that small town newspapers can have on communities.

Whether it’s informing the community about details of a tragic event in real time, debunking rumors, or simply informing community members of what took place at the latest council meeting informing people is an essential part of any community.

Real news whether good bad or ugly is a essential part of our Democracy.

And I am proud to be apart of it.