Ever since a local organization called Convivencia  Hispana was formed a few years ago they have done a number of different things to help the community.

Whether it’s raising and handing out thousands of dollars in scholarships or helping local immigrants with navigating different things the work that they have done has helped many people in the community.

Now the organization made of eight people will be getting some help navigating the process of officially becoming a 501 (C)  organization.

What this means is that once the organization becomes an 501 organization they will be given non profit tax exempt status something that is critical for any organization like Convivencia.

While everyone in the organization agreed that they should pursue the non profit status none of the members in the group knew what that entailed or how to officially become one.

Recently the Minnesota Council on Latino Affairs saw the important hard work going on in St. James by the organization and decided to lend a helping hand.

Henry Jimenez the Executive Director of the Minnesota Council on Latino Affairs was able to find someone to help the organization become a non profit organization.

The person who is helping the organization is also someone who has roots in St. James graduating from St. James High School.

Mario Hernandez who works for  Propel Nonprofits in the Cities said he was very happy to lend a helping hand to the group.

In May they met with Hernandez who went over the  legal terms and process and what are the requirement of 501©3.

In June they met again with Hernandez this time they went over their mission statement and goals for the group.

As the organization continues the process of becoming an official non profit group they will continue to helping the community in a number of different ways financially, through their time and through their dedication to the community.

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