After accepting the resignation of former K-12 Principal Greg Ewing last week the Butterfield-Odin School Board voted to name Tyson Walker  as their new K-12 Principal pending successful contract negotiations with the Butterfield-Odin School District. 

Walker was offered a new contract with Fulda High School but declined to sign with the school district depending successful negotiations with Butterfield-Odin. 

While the contract will be negotiated with Walker it is expected to be in the same range of Ewing's contract of $92,000 with salary and benefits. 

The terms and conditions of the contract offered to Walker is expected to be announced during the next regularly scheduled board meeting next Monday. 

According to Superintendent Ray Arsenault Walker was very interested in the position when it first became available. Walker currently resides in Lake Crystal. 

The board had 5 candidates and the school board announced that they were very pleased with the quality of candidates that applied for the position. 

The Plaindealer will provide an update on this story as more details become available.