An Ormsby man is facing one Felony charge of Threats of Violence after he allegedly told his girlfriend “ Maybe I should just do what the Colorado man did to his wife and kids.”

According to the complaint filed in Watonwan County Court on August 22, 2018, Watonwan County Sheriff’s Deputy Brandon Sprenger took a statement from Victim 1. The Victim stated that her boyfriend, WIlliam Michael Legg, age 36, had assaulted her and threatened her. She gave a statement as follows:

On August 21, The Victim and Legg got into an argument at their home in Ormsby, Watonwan County about Legg watching the kids. During the argument, Legg head- butted the Victim. He then said he was going to beat her in front of the kids. The Victim left the house with the kids. Later that evening she returned to the house. Another argument ensured. During that argument, Legg said, “ Maybe I should just do what that Colorado man did to his wife and kids,” referring to the ongoing and widely covered case where a man allegedly killed his pregnant wife and their two kids. After that comment, the Victim left with the kids again.

The next morning, Legg was texting the Victim about removing her items from the home. He threatened to burn them if she did not. He also said that if she sent any cops to the house, “ there would be a Columbine,” referring to the mass school shooting that occured in 1999.

Legg was located in Ormsby and was arrested. He gave a statement and agreed the head-butt “ could have happened,” but he did not remember. He admitted that he made a reference to the Colorado murder, but denied the Columbine reference.

Legg is on release conditions in Nobles County for a 1st Degree DWI charge.

According to that complaint on July 29, 2017 at approximately 7:10 p.m. State Trooper Kenny Willers heard Murray County dispatch state that a man, later identified as Legg was at Brian’s Supper Club in Fulda and had possibly overdosed on pills and left in a maroon Buick.

Several troopers responded. State Trooper James Lanoue said he met the maroon vehicle on US HIghway 59 and it turned onto 220th Street in Elk Township. Willers and State Trooper Farrell arrived at the scene. Lanouse said Legg ran out into the cornfield. Legg was located shortly after.

Legg initially would not comply with commands to put his hands up, but eventually complied. Willers ordered Legg to the ground, but again he would not comply. Willers took Legg to the ground. Willers asked Legg if he was injured at all and she shook his head no.

Legg said he just wanted to die and that he had taken a bunch of pills. While speaking with Legg, Willers detected a strong odor of . Kenny Willers also observed that Legg’s eyes were bloodshot and watery, and his speech was slow and slurred.

An ambulance was requested to check on Legg and to transport him to the emergency room for a 72 hour hold. The ambulance crew arrived and transported Legg to the ER in Worthington. At the ER, Legg told Willers that whenever he gets out of the hospital that he will kill himself and that Willers shouldn’t take it personally. Legg also said that he had two double shots of scotch today at the bar. Legg began showing aggression toward the nurses causing a disturbance. Willers, Lanoue, and Farrell assisted with restraining Legg. After Legg was restrained to the bed, Lanoue and Farrell applied for a search warrant to obtain Legg’s blood or urine. The warrant was approved and signed by a Judge.

Legg agreed to give a blood sample. The sample of blood was collected and secured into a blood kit. The blood kit was then sent to the BCA Lab for analysis. The BCA analysis revealed an ethyl alcohol concentration of 0.155 +/- 0.007 grams per 100 millimeters of blood with a 99.73% level of confidence.

A review of Legg’s records reveals that he was previously convicted of DWI in May of 2010 in Pennsylvania, April 2016 in South Dakota and March 1 2017 in Nobles County Minnesota.

If convicted of Felony Threats of Violence Legg can face up to 5 years in prison and or a fine of $10,000.

If convicted of Felony DWI Legg can face up to 7 years in prison and or a fine of $14,000.

During a bail hearing on Thursday Legg was given release conditions of $50,000 without conditions and $25,000 with conditions which is what was recommended after a bail study was done. 

During the hearing Watonwan County Attorney Steve Lindee noted that he agreed with the DANCO that was proposed and signed by the Judge in the case between Legg and the Victim but he did note that the Victim was not in favor of the Domestic No Contact Order. 

According to Legg he would like the ability to go to his home in Ormsby if he is released so he can get he can begin some type of inpatient or outpatient treatment. 

Legg explained that he suffers from Mild-Severe Depression, PTSD, and Compulsive Disorder. 

The next hearing for Legg is scheduled for Tuesday August 28 at 1 p.m. 

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