Lonny Lee ( 25) was charged yesterday in Watonwan County Court with one Misdemeanor Count of Disorderly Conduct.

According to the complaint filed in Watonwan County Court on July 31, at approximately 5:21 a.m. Officer Robb Fehrman a Police Officer with the St. James Police Department was on Patrol in St. James when he was dispatched to a residence in St. James for a male that had just attempted to break into the caller’s residence. The caller advised that the male had left on a bike in an unknown direction. While en-route to the residence, Fehrman came across a white Chevrolet pickup towing a white Romsdahl Construction Trailer that was headed south in the 700 block of Armstrong Blvd. North. Fehrman had previously observed the pickup truck and trailer parked at callers residence. In front of the vehicle was a bicycle ridden by  Lonny Gene Lee who Fehrman recognized on sight from previous contacts during his shift.

Fehrman pulled over to exit his squad and Fehrman came riding right up to the side of the squad car. Lee was agitated and appeared to be under the influence of methamphetamine. Fehrman dealt with Lee earlier in his shift and Lee admitted that he had smoked methamphetamine. Lee was handcuffed, searched for weapons and Fehrman put Lee in the rear seat of his patrol car.

Fehrman made contact with Jose Eduardo Henriquez Constanza. Jose stated that Lee was standing at the rear of Constanza’s house. Lee then went over to his work truck and trailer and was looking inside. Lee asked Constanza to use a phone and then rode off.

Fehrman had taken a call from Paul Christopher Lenz at 4:56 a.m., who called to report that Lee had just been to his residence. Lenz described Lee as tweaking out and talking rapidly, and almost incoherently about cops, lawyers, Rosie, and needing the number to the FBI.

On July 31 Officer Jonathan LeClaire conducted an interview with Jose regarding an incident that occured in the early morning hours involving Lee. A translater was used. Jose explained that he woke up around 4:30 a.m. and heard someone in his house. He got dressed and went downstairs and realized the noise was coming from outside and it sounded like someone was pulling on the door. He opened the door and there stood an individual later identified as Lee. Constanza inquired as to “ what are you doing?” and Lee stated nothing and he got on his bike and left. Constanza said Lee hit the window three times. Constanza then called 911. Lee then came up to the driver’s side of the vehicle and pounded on the window two more times and left. Constanza stated he was afraid of Lee, feared he was going to be injured by him when he was pounding on the window. He said he saw something in Lee’s hand and thought it may have been a weapon.

While Lee only has one charge pending against him since July the St. James Police Department has had contact with Lee 18 times.

Through a data request the Plaindealer was able to obtain the police reports.

In one police report after a call was made to the Park Apartments  it states “ Lonny was in an apartment and then in lobby talking strange things and claiming to be a Federal Agent. Lonny was stuck on conspiracy theories and claiming he went higher than the DEA regarding the drug issues and Police/Freemason collaboration. I spoke with the tenant of the apartment who said Lonny came up unannounced/ hadn’t seen him in years; and was talking crazy things about who know and is working for. The tenant kicked him out and doesn’t want him back.”

In another police report from July 30  it states “ Lonny wanted to go inside complainant's house to see if his kids were there. Complainant kept on telling Lonny that his kids were not at his house and that Lonny needs to leave. Lonny later left the property. Complainant stated that Lonny is not welcomed back at this time.

According to a police report on August 1 Lee appeared at the same address again. The report states “ Complainant reported that Lonny was at her house knocking on the door and she wanted him off her property. She said she not answer the door, just told Lonny she was calling the police and he took off on his bike.

On August 21 according to the police report “ Complainant came and reported that Lonny was acting strange and told her that who ever had his kids he was going to put a bullet in their head and who ever is with his Baby Momma. Complainant stated Lonny told her he had access to a gun but does not have one.

According to the report this incident took place on “Dike Rd.”

The Plaindealer will provide updates as more information becomes available.