When Watonwan County Children’s Librarian Megan Karau  began her career with the library about eight years ago her journey to get their wasn’t a usual one.

With a celebration scheduled for Friday  to celebrate the different accomplishments in her eight year career with the Library Karau reflected on her time there.

After working as a full time secondary teacher for three months and then as a substitute for a year the Lakeville native saw an hiring ad in the paper and decided to go for the job.

After working as the Extensions Services Coordinator for four years a retirement at the library opened a position for the Children’s Librarian.

Seeing it as a great opportunity within the Library Karau decided to apply and then became the Children’s Librarian.

While Karau may not have a typical degree that would put someone on track to become a library staff member she said that she has two things that is needed for the job.

A passion for reading and kids.

One of her favorite parts about her Watonwan County Library career was the connections she was able to make especially with the members of her 4th grade book club.

One of the programs that Karau feels proud of her during her time as Children’s Librarian is called “ 1000 books before Kindergarten program.”

While this is a national program she was able to bring the concept to the area where it is promoted for kids to read 1000 books or have them read to children before they go to Kindergarten.

Another program that Karau also brought to the area was called “ Librarian on the Loose” where she would go to different daycares and parks in town on her bike as a way of promoting literacy at a young age.

Karau also spent time on the Chamber of Commerce in St. James including serving a term as President. She was also honored with a Supporter Award from Minnesota Valley Action Council this year after being nominated by the local Head Start Program.

Karau’s journey of moving  to Watonwan County is also not a typical one.

In the Fall of 2005 Karau began instant messaging her now husband Jacob after the two were connected through a mutual friend.

At the time Jacob was in training in Missouri and would soon be apart of long deployment as a member of the Minnesota National Guard.

On New Years Eve the two met at the River Hills Mall in Mankato and after a few hours of meeting in person Jacob asked Megan out to dinner.

At that time Megan was not interested but they continued to be friends and wrote letters to each other.

By Easter Day of 2006 Jacob had landed in Iraq as the two wrote back and forth. Before Thanksgiving of 2006 the two were able to see each other in person again during Jacob’s leave.

This came a few months after Jacob had asked Megan to wait for him.

In july of 2007 Jacob came home from Iraq and on September 29 he asked Megan to marry him.

In June of 2008 the two were married celebrating their 10 year anniversary a couple of months ago.

Karau explained after they got married they moved to Madelia not far from Jacob grew up in Truman.

Karau said that she is looking for to new challenges and where life will take her next in her career.

For now Karau is looking forward to spending more time with her kids including time on the weekends with them and recently received her short term substitute teaching license.

Karau said she misses the classroom and will also be working on renewing her teacher license.