When fairgoers walk towards the 4-H Building at the Minnesota State Fair they will see a symbolic bench dedicated to someone who spent many hours and years dedicated to 4-H.

The bench dedicated to Butterfield native Ross Blomgren who passed away in automobile accident in 2014 was put up this year at the State Fair after his father Kurt inquired to The Minnesota State Fair about having a bench dedicated to Ross.

After applying and submitting different forms Kurt found out that the bench dedication was approved and he was allowed to pick the zone for where the bench would be located.

While he picked the zone closest to the 4-H Building he described it as working out perfectly when he found out it was located right in front of the 4-H building.

His tribute on the bench dedicated to him written by Kurt says, “ Ross Blomgren, Butterfield, was a positive and energetic young man who inspired and motivated others with wit and humor. He did not enjoy attention, but his personality drew it in a positive way. Ross loved attending and participating by showing livestock and exhibiting 4-H projects at the State Fair. He performed at the 4-H Arts-In musical in 2014 for the entire 12 days of the State Fair. He later wrote in a essay that it was the highlight of his life.”

Ross’s dad described him as a very happy person who he never saw get mad or upset.

He also described him as someone who had a huge passion for 4-H and the State Fair in general.

Kurt explained that the State Fair was a way to celebrate the many things that Ross enjoyed most in life including food, art, music, agriculture and people.

Ross came from a family passionate about 4-H including his sister Jenna and two older brothers Vance and Stuart  and many aunts uncles cousins and grandparents who are all apart of the 4-H family.

Even before Ross was old enough to compete he would attend the County Fair and help out with different chores and tasks that needed to be done.

Once he was old enough he not only constantly visited the State Fair but he also competed.

While Ross made his mark on 4-H and had many accomplishments one of Kurt’s proudest moments was when Ross in the 4-H Arts-In performance at the State Fair.

In a essay titled “ I lived”  he wrote in 11th grade English about a month before he passed Ross wrote the following

“ I came back for fair week even though it was two weeks long. But it was the best two weeks of my life. Playing with the Band three to four times a week at performances I learned all the names of the Arts-In participants, lots of new games and more Band secrets. I found a new home and new family. As I was playing at the last performance I noticed all the participants performing their hearts out. I noticed my favorite song was right. “ I lived!”

Whether it was his wit, his success in showing livestock or his general passion for 4-H and the State Fair Ross Blomgren is remembered in a positive way by many people.