Edgar Sanchez, (32) was charged in Martin County Court recently after allegations were made against the former Youth Pastor.

According to the complaint On August 10, a Martin County Deputy received a phone call from the Pastor of Bethel Evangelical Free Church in Fairmont. The Pastor stated he had a 21 year old female in his office who wanted to report a sexual assault from when she was a juvenile.

The Deputy then meet with the Pastor and the 21 year old female.

According to the complaint the Victim stated that from August 2013 until June 2015, she had a romantic relationship with Edgar Everardo Sanchez. During this time period Victim 1 was between 16 and 17 years old. The Victim stated she first met Sanchez a couple of weeks prior to going on a short term mission trip with Bethel Church. The Pastor indicated the dates of the trip were June 27-July 8, 2013, and confirmed that Sanchez was on that trip and was one of the adult leaders.

The Victim stated she really got to know Sanchez during that mission trip, and approximately a month after the mission trip she and Sanchez began a romantic relationship. The Victim stated she and Sanchez would text each other and would agree to meet up. The Victim stated she would sneak out of her parents house around midnight and Sanchez would pick her up in his car on the gravel road. The Victim indicated they would use color code in their texts, and would text “blue” if they wanted to meet up. The Victim stated they would normally go to a cemetery north of her house. The Victim stated they would meet approximately twice a week; during the summers more often, and not as often during the winter.

According to the complaint the Victim explained that they had a sexual relationship but did not include sexual intercourse.

The Victim indicated that during that time period, while they were having a romantic relationship, Sanchez came on staff at Bethel Church as an interim youth pastor and had the full responsibility of leading the youth program. The Deputy asked the Victim if she ever sought spiritual advice or guidance from Sanchez and the Victim indicated, “Before and during at the very beginning, then it felt to weird to do that.” The Victim stated that sometimes after their youth group meetings on Wednesday night they would go to a gravel road near Walmart in Fairmont.

The Victim stated that as their relationship continued, Sanchez threatened the Victim that if she ever reported their relationship he would tell lies about her and tell her parents she was a lesbian. The Victim stated that in June 2015, Sanchez started making comments about her almost turning 18  and that they could finally have intercourse because it would be legal. The Victim stated she did not want to do that with Sanchez so she broke up with him.

On August 11, Deputy Owens of the Martin County Sheriff’s Office met with Sanchez at the Martin County Law Enforcement Center. Deputy Owens advised Sanchez he wanted to talk to him about the Victim. Deputy Owens read Sanchez the Miranda warning, and after Sanchez acknowledged he understood he stated he did not want answer any questions and wanted to speak to an attorney.

Sanchez is being charged with two Felony counts of 3rd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct.

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