When new Butterfield-Odin Principal Tyson Walker crossed the stage at Jamestown College in 2007 he was the first generation in his family to graduate from college.

Even with all the roadblocks in his way he knew that his passion for education would help him get through school and one day be able to help students and communities.

Walker explained that he is very grateful for the ability to study at Jamestown because he was given many opportunities into classrooms to have hands on experience.

During that time he also learned that he would want to make a difference not just in the classroom but also in different  educational leadership capacities.

And he has done that.

Since graduating from what is now the University of Jamestown  Walker has been ambitious in his career.

First starting off with student teaching in the spring of 2007 he was able to work with talented and gifted 2nd graders at Killeen Texas which is most known for the Fort Hood military base.

Because of the location of the school Walker explained he was able to work with students and people from all around the world something that he is very grateful for.

In the fall of 2007 Walker made the move to Mankato where he worked at Kennedy Elementary School.

During the six years there Walker said he was very proud of the turnaround they were able to make.

He explained that during his first two years they were struggling with meeting growth standards.

After struggling Walker and the other teacher leadership group came together to work on best practices and create the best instruction available and work as a team to help every student learn.

After three years the hard work paid off and the school was recognized by the Minnesota Department of Education as Minnesota School of Excellence School.

Also during that time he was able to complete his advanced degree in Multiculturalism and Educational Leadership.

In 2013 Walker decided to take on a new opportunity and asked for a transfer to Franklin Elementary School which at the time was where all East Side geographically located Mankato students attended 6th grade.

Then in 2015 an opportunity opened up for a 1 year transitional position at East Junior High in Mankato.

The school would be merging with Franklin Elementary School the following year to create Prairie Winds Middle School which would be a 6-8 Junior High School.

The school needed a Assistant to the Principal and Walker who was finishing up his Principal Degree that winter saw it as a perfect opportunity.

In the fall of 2016 Walker then began at Prairie Winds as a 6th grade science teacher which was once again a new opportunity for him.

He was also apart of the leadership team as the new school began its first year and also gave him a chance to go back into the classroom for a year after being in administration.

In the summer of 2017 Walker was hired as the 7-12 Principal at Fulda.

Although Walker said that he can’t say enough about Fulda and the wonderful community there when he saw the Butterfield-Odin job open up he knew it would be a good fit for him and his family because he resides in Lake Crystal.

Walker who has had experience at all different levels thinks that he is a great fit for the Butterfield-Odin community and looks forward to helping lead the school and develop leaders within the school.

“I truly believe it’s going to be a great fit,” Walker said.

Walker is looking forward to connecting with the different students and the members in the community and helping with continuing the success already in place for the years to come.

“As a team we can work together and do what we need to for our students and the community.”