Thirty years ago Tracy Anderson began her career with the St. James Ambulance Department.

While she has been apart of the ambulance family over the years her start actually came from family ties.

Her sister LuAnn and her cousin Nona Niemeier, who has served as an EMT Instructor at South Central College for about 40 years were EMTS at the time and Tracy decided to join.

From there her brother Warren became an EMT bringing the family total up to four.

But the family ties to helping to save lives didn’t stop there.

A few years ago her daughter Lindsey Lindquist joined the St. James Ambulance Department bringing the family total to five, for people who have served as EMTS.

Asides from the family connection Tracy said that she was interested in becoming an EMT because she has always been interested in all things medical and thought it would be a good opportunity.

When asked what her favorite thing about being an EMT was she said that being able to help people in their worst moments is something that is very much rewarding.

She also noted that being able to be apart of the EMT family as well as the first responder family is something that is also important to her.

During her 30 year celebration she sported a shirt that represented the fire department, law enforcement, and Ambulance Department.

Tracy noted that being able to rely on each other and have eachothers backs in tough situations is something that is very important.

Over the years Tracy noted that technology has been one of the biggest changes to the EMT world.

With the advancement of technology EMTS are able to quickly enter patient information onto computers instead of having to worry about paperwork that goes along with it.

While Tracy admits that she was skeptical at first when it came to the changes she said that she very much enjoys having them.

Throughout her career Tracy said that she is very grateful from the support from her family to allow her to continue helping people especially for her children who sacrificed time with their mom.

In the future Tracy said that she hopes to one day retire and let the next generation begin their journeys with the department but for now she is looking forward to helping people.

For anyone who is interested in joining the St. James Ambulance Department should contact Mark Nielsen.