Krystal Hanson was charged in Watonwan County last week with one count of  Felony 4th Degree Assault after allegedly kicking a Jailer in the Watonwan County Jail.

According to the complaint filed in court, on September 6 Watonwan County Deputy Adam Butler took a report of a violation of a harassment restraining order by Defendant Krystal Kay Hanson (26). The Victim has a harassment restraining order against Hanson. The order directs Hanson to have no contact with the Victim. It was issued on May 16, and is in effect for two years. Hanson was served with the HRO on May 17.

The Victim said that she heard loud banging on the door of her house in Butterfield with an object of some type. She opened the front door and Hanson was standing there. Hanson demanded to speak with the Victim’s ex-husband, but the Victim told Hanson that he had been deported. She told Hanson was calling the police and Defendant ran off.

St. James Police Officer Kody Hadler located Hanson in St. James and arrested her. When asked if she would give a statement and Hanson said she would not tell them anything. While getting booked, Officer Hadler told her what the charges would be and Hanson claimed that her boyfriend was knocking and then discussed what she believes the Judge ordered in the HRO.

Later in the jail, Hanson was uncooperative with one of the jailers, Victim 2. Hanson would not remove the string from her hooded sweatshirt, which is jail policy for inmate safety. Victim 2 attempted to remove the string and Hanson kicked him in the groin. She also dug her fingernails into his forearm scratching the skin and leaving a bruise.

Hanson is also being charged with one Misdemeanor count of 5th Degree Assault along with a Misdemeanor charge of violating a Restraining Order.

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