Last year around 400 people were in attendance for the first ever MultiCultural Fiesta in St. James.

With the 2nd annual event scheduled for Saturday the hope is that the fiesta will draw even more people there.

The Multicultural Fiesta is a project of the recently formed group “Uniting Cultures,” which consists of several like-minded people in the St. James area wanting to bring together the community – to get to know one another and to learn from one another. Many of the groups and  members came together for the first time in May of 2017, at the Forum on Race, sponsored by Region 9 and the YWCA. As a result of those conversations, and a follow-up brainstorming session, the group identified a number of initiatives to implement in the St James area.

The event takes place close to the  date that Latin American countries celebrate their independence from Spain, and

is designed to recognize and celebrate the diverse cultural heritage of the people living in this area. All those attending the event will be invited to mark the country or countries of their heritage on a world map, and flags of many of those countries will adorn the space as well as those of Native American communities . “The Latino community includes people from many different Latin American countries, just as those individuals with European heritage have ancestors who came from many different countries,” explained one of the event’s planners. “We want to recognize and celebrate the diversity of all the cultural heritage that enriches this place we call home.”

Some of the highlights of the event include ethnic dancing, entertainment, live music, international food for sale , inflatables, fire truck rides & kids activities.

The event is scheduled for 3 - 10 p.m. and will be located at the Community Room Parking Lot.

In the case of inclement weather the event may be moved to St. James High School. If a change in venue is made the Plaindealer will provide details on the paper’s Facebook Page.