When new St. James EL Teacher Carissa Lick began her first year in the district this year she quickly realized that many students she works with don’t have access to books at home.

In fact in a survey she found that the majority of the students had less than 2 books.

But the trend of families not being able to afford books at home isn’t just unique to St. James.

Over the past couple of weeks Lick began noticing other teacher friends in other districts and states beginning campaigns to raise $9 to sponsor a book a month for students.

Once she was able to make her own Scholastic Books account she then realized she could do it for her students.

While the $1 book a month program isn’t a specific program the way it works is that each month a book for different grade levels is in the Scholastic Book Magazines for $1.

The idea that has gone viral thanks to social media, is that people in the community can sponsor a child getting a book every month for only $9 a year.

After having moderate success at first after posting to her own social media about bringing the program to Northside she then made a new post armed with statistics and information about the importance of reading.

And it paid off.

Within 24 hours Lick then had the remaining 16 sponsors needed.

Lick explained that although the Library in town and at the school provide plenty of resources there are still roadblocks for some people to get there like limited amount of time do to work hours, transportation and other factors.

She also explained that owning your own books is something special especially for kids.

For now Lick will be using the funds to sponsor the twenty one English Learners that she works with at the Elementary School but the possibilities are endless for the amount of students that can be sponsored through generous donations.

To make a donation for a future student to be sponsored contact Carissa at click@isd840.org.