Less than two weeks before Jesus Ibarra will be sentenced after pleading guilty to assaulting Pascual Sanchez last year, new felony charges have been filed in Watonwan County.

According to the complaint, on September 13 St. James Police Officer Kody Hadler took a report from Vicente Ibarra Sr. (61) that his son, Jesus Ibarra (20) had stolen his truck. Jesus called Ibarra, Sr., and told him that he had taken the truck. Ibarra, Sr. directed Jesus to return the truck immediately or he would contact the police. Jesus failed to do so. Ibarra, Sr. signed a stolen vehicle report.

Defendant Jesus Ibarra was stopped by Watonwan County sheriff’s deputies at the intersection of 360th Street and 737th Avenue in Watonwan County and was arrested. A  18 year old passenger  was also in the vehicle. The vehicle was searched,  and a grey backpack was located in the cab. Jesus said the backpack belonged to the passenger but the passenger denied it. Inside the backpack was a Tic Tac Fresh mint container that contained 26 white rectangular pills with “G3722” marked on them. The pills were determined to be 2 milligram alprazolam pills. Alprazolam is a Schedule IV controlled substance.

Jesus was brought to the jail and was uncooperative. Watonwan County Detention Officer Rahn stated that Defendant was cooperative at times and would then state that he wanted to fight. Detention Officer Rahn put Defendant in a holding cell to check on the other prisoners. When he returned, he observed Defendant had what appeared to a baggie with unknown content in his waistband. Detention Officer Rahn, with the help of other law enforcement, was able to retrieve one white pill, which was the same as the pills recovered in the grey backpack that Defendant was driving. Defendant was holding another pill and refused to give it to the officers, but eventually agreed to do so. A strip search of Defendant was conducted and a third pill fell out of his underwear. A fourth pill was discovered between the cheeks of Defendant’s buttocks. All the pills were identical to the ones discovered in the grey backpack.


Defendant was making suicidal threats, so he was placed in a suicide vest. He then ran into cell 108-2 and began to bang his head against the cement wall. Detention Officer Rahn raced after Defendant to stop him. At that point, Defendant either pushed or head-butted Detention Officer Rahn in the chest, causing him to fall back into the bunk located in the cell. Detention Officer Rahn was taken to the St. James emergency room where he learned that he had a back injury and bruised ribs.






Charges in this case include felony

Theft-Take/Drive Motor Vehicle-No Owner Consent, 5th Degree Drug Possession, 4th Degree Assault on correctional officer, and bodily harm.

Gross Misdemeanor charges include 5th Degree Assault, Obstruction and introducing contraband into a correctional facility.

Bail was set at $175,000 without conditions and $100,000 with conditions.

Ibarra plead guilty earlier this summer to First Degree Assault after an incident took place in June of 2017.

That sentencing is scheduled for September 25.

As part of the plea agreement , Ibarra will be given a stay of execution of 117 months in prison and will have to spend 365 in jail.

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