In 1998 Melissa Haseman began her career with the Watonwan County Library as the Extensions Services Assistant.

Now twenty years later she is looking forward to starting in her new role as the Children’s Librarian.

After working at the Library for two years Haseman decided to stay home with her kids for a few years after her second child was born.

Then in 2006 Haseman started a new career working with children as she was a EBD Paraprofessional at the St. James public schools from 2006-2014.

While she really enjoyed being able to work with kids and enjoyed the experience of working at all three schools an opening at the Library prompted her interest.

After applying for the job she went back to Library in February of 2014, back in the same position as she started sixteen years earlier as the Extensions Services Assistant.

After the resignation of Megan Karau an opportunity opened up for the Children’s Librarian position. As someone who always loved kids and working with them Haseman decided to apply.

After a vote last week during the Watonwan County Commissioners Meeting she officially took over the role.

One of her favorite things about working at the Library is being able to use creative ways to attract people to different events along with the collaboration with all of the staff.

Another thing that she enjoys about working at the Library is being able to show parents and children that the Library isn’t just about books but there is also many resources and programs available for all ages.

While the Library has many other resources she said that one of her favorite things still is seeing how excited children get when they find out that they can take a book(s) home with them.

As the Children’s Librarian she is also excited to help increase literacy across the county and to help get children especially younger ones reading as much as possible.

“The more books a child reads before Kindergarten the better off they are,”

While her role may have changed Haseman is looking forward to helping the Library and seeing smiling patrons faces every day.