A little over two years ago a fire destroyed much of Downtown Madelia.

One of those businesses was the Plaza Fiesta.

Since the fire the restaurant is back up and running better than ever and recently they decided to try the venture of opening a store again.

Just reopening and rebuilding their business was a tall task but with added motivation and resilience they went out and did what would seem impossible for some.

“After the fire, it was hard to think about rebuilding two businesses but we didn’t let the fire define us! It gave us even MORE motivation to make it happen!:”

One of the main reasons for opening the store comes a need in the community.

While their a large and growing Hispanic population in Madelia before the start recently opened their was no location in the town for groceries that many cultures are accustomed to.

This forced many residents to have to travel to towns like St. James and others to get these items.

Hernandez said that they feel fortunate to now be able to provide a need in their community.

“A specialty grocery store is so important in our community because we have a large Hispanic population & we love to blend the cultures together! You are able to do money transfers to help family in other countries, recharge telephones so that one can communicate with family members far away, & you can find many items you can’t find in a regular grocery store. Plus Luzy makes homemade piñatas! It will be nice to offer these services in town so that you don’t have to travel out of town all the time.”

Some of the items included at the market include Our market has homemade piñatas, fresh produce, & many Mexico & Central American items! They also plan to add fresh cut meats and other items soon.

While bringing a specialty grocery store to a small town was a big feat the team has recently came up with a new way to help serve different diverse groups of people in the area.

Soon menus will be completed which will serve a wide variety of vegan items something that Hernandez said is very important for the local community.

“New vegan menu is about to be printed! We are SO excited! We have a need for it in our community & Daniel has had so much fun playing around with ideas! We will have vegan tortilla soup, fajitas, Quesadillas, Burgers, & More! We have purchased a separate fryer as well so that we can add fries & other items too! Our bartender Sivanna is Vegan & was a huge inspiration to get some more options available!”

Overall the Plaza Fiesta team is happy to help teach about culture in their community.

“ We were inspired to open a market so that we could continue to teach the community of our passion about our culture! A grocery store goes hand in hand with a restaurant so we thought it would be the perfect blend! We are always up for a challenge. It has been in our plans for a very long time so we are so excited to finally run with the idea!”