This summer First Lutheran Church in St. James, added two new pastors to their congregation.

The two new Pastors, Pastor  Matt Seegert and Pastor Andy Hermodsen-Olsen  had two different paths to become pastors and eventually end up in St. James.

None the less they both had two things.

An inner calling and outer calling.

For Pastor Hermodsen-Olsen his outer was the support he received from people who said that they thought he would be a good pastor.

In the Lutheran Church Pastors serve where they are needed. This is based off whether or not they will be a good match, based mainly off the gifts they can provide the Congregation and what they need at a particular time.

For Pastor Seegert his outer  calling was working at different Lutheran summer camps in  Wisconsin where he got to do ministry and be involved with the church.

He also was told by many people that he was good at what he did and that he should consider going to seminary school.

After spending some time doing different things in the church including youth ministry he realized he found his inner calling

For Pastor Seegert he came to St. James from Dubuque Iowa where he recently graduated from seminary school.

With a daughter expected to be born in August the Pastor and his wife visited St. James and quickly realized that it would be an ideal place to start a family.

Pastor Hermodsen - Olsen ’s journey to St. James was a little different.

As a Senior Pastor he recently spent 19 years in Brownton, Minnesota.

After being asked to interview with the Congregation in St. James he realized he would be a good fit and this August he began as the Senior Pastor in St. James.

Pastor Seegert feels very fortunate that St. James has two pastors because he is able to learn from a more experienced pastor while continuing to learn.

Both of the pastors are very eager to get to know the community and to become more involved with different civic organizations.