When the new Event Center was built at St. James High School last year it became an ideal place to host tournaments and games in Southern Minnesota.

While the large modern gym was a dream come true in many senses one thing that was noticed was the lack of basketball hoops for practices.

That’s when former girls basketball coach Spencer Monson and former boys basketball coach Alex Hein decided to put their brains together to come up with a way to bring more hoops to the Event Center.

“This project started with a conversation between Alex Hein and myself. We agreed that additional hoops would be beneficial to both programs. From there we tried to find out what our options would be and met with our booster clubs to see if this could become a reality,” said Monson.

He explained from there the Booster Clubs for both organizations were really excited about the possibility of enhancing the Event Center even more and within a year four new hoops were added.

“From there the booster clubs really took charge and made this possible. They could tell this was something we were passionate about and wanted to make it happen. It was very fun to see the programs working together during the fundraising process and to see the new hoops in the event center at the start of the school year.”

Kevin Jones, who is both a youth basketball coach and booster parent said that the additional hoops will help with practices and allow more teams to utilize the space at the same time.

“The addition of the four hoops will better utilize the space in the Event Center for all levels of basketball.  More kids will be able to get up more shots with the additional hoops. We will also have the ability to have multiple teams practice at the same time.  The hope is to get away from late night practices for the younger teams. Six hoops were just not practical in a gym that size.”

The sponsors for the project included  Land ‘O Lakes Mayo Foundation St. James Foundation Tony Downs Food VFW Auxiliary Eagles Men American Legion SAL Jason & Kate Monnens and Alex Hein.