The president of the National Jury Project Midwest, Diane Wiley,  submitted a statement in the Scott Engelbrecht trial that their is reasonable likelihood that the defendant cannot receive a fair trial in Watonwan County.
Wiley noted that the PlainDealer and KEYC News out of Mankato have been covering this story from the beginning.  There have been 11 PlainDealer stories and 10 KEYC news stories related to the trial.  Included in these stories were the coverage of the deaths of Joyce Engelbrecht and Rachel Linder on June 18, 2018.  They also both covered the celebration of life that took place in St. James on June 24, 2018 for the two victims.  
Another point made by Wiley that suggested bias were the comments listed on the websites and social media pages of the two companies.  Almost every story had several comments posted that were uncomplimentary, or even vulgar directed at Engelbrecht.
The National Jury Project is willing to do a potential jury pool survey, and they estimate that cost would be $20,450.
Defense attorney Steve L. Bergeson submitted a letter to the judge stating that a change of venue need is evident, and it should be granted to avoid this expense.  He noted that if the prosecution continues to object to a change of venue, they will apply to the court for funding of the survey.
Engelbrecht is facing two first-degree murder charges for an event that happened on June 16.