Eleven lucky St. James sophomores are traveling to Minneapolis to partake in the Minneapolis School Board Association Conference, where they will be serving healthy food options to over 500 people on Thursday.

Despite the high number of potential attendees, some students didn’t feel too nervous about the large crowd, instead, turning to the food they would be eating, instead of serving.

“I’m excited to eat at the Forepaugh’s,” said Michael Suarez. “Apparently it’s haunted.”

Juan Castaneda would go on to tell the infamous story of the now five-star restaurant located in downtown St. Paul.

The students applied for this great opportunity through showing an understanding of nutritional values learned in class, developing a creative menu, presenting reasons why they should be selected, as well as strong academic standing during the second trimester.

This process allowed the students to express their voices in what they wanted in their school lunch programs, as well as allowed them to work with professionals in the foodservice industry, as well as teaching them about budgeting for school lunches.

The meals were placed into the cafeteria menu over the course of the selection process, with students helping make the lunches.

The students selected three dishes, fruit parfait, Belgian waffles, and pozole soup.

On Tuesday, the students prepared the soup, with its strong aroma filling up the cafeteria. The soup had a red base, thanks to the chiles used in the base. Pozole is popular in Mexican culture.

The group met four times over the course of the trimester to piece together the menu they will be serving.