A warrant was executed on January 18 through the Watonwan County Sheriff’s Office for an incident that stems back to early January.
On January 1, St. James Police responded to a residence in St. James where a disturbance was happening.  When an officer arrived, he noticed that Rene Alfredo Garza was bleeding.
According to the complaint, Garza was spending intimate time with Maricela Rodriguez, 31, at his home when Garza believed he saw someone watching through the window.  He got angry and accused Rodriguez of cheating on him.  
The argument escalated and became physical.  Rodriguez grabbed an acoustic guitar and hit Garza two to four times with it, finally hitting him on the head.
Officer Wagman photoed the guitar and the neck was separated from the body.  The hit to Garza’s head caused a large cut, which led to bleeding.
Garza was taken to the hospital and required 10-12 stitches to close the gash in his head.
Rodriguez admitted that she hit Garza in the head with the guitar.
Rodriguez was arrested and charged with felony second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, a guitar, and felony third-degree assault.  She posted a non-cash bond of $10,000 on January 2 and was released.
One of the conditions of the release was there was to be no contact with the victim during her time on release. It was discovered that between January 4 and 5, over 200 text messages were sent between Rodriguez and Garza.  
A warrant was issued on January 16 stating that the defendant failed to comply with the conditions of release.  Rodriguez was arrested on January 18.  Rodriguez’s omnibus hearing is scheduled for February 19.