Living in Minnesota has many advantages.  but one of the special needs of living in a cold environment is taking care of the roads.
For Watonwan County roads, that job starts with the county engineer.  Watonwan County recently welcome a new county engineer, Teal Spellman.
Originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin, Spellman got her degree from the University of Wisconsin in Madison.  Her first job was with the Minnesota Department of Transportation.  Spellman accepted the job because she wanted to work for the public, and was excited that she would get to work in many different areas.  
Spellman was informed by a coworker at MNDOT that this position was open in Watonwan County.  Although she enjoyed her job at MNDOT, she always wanted to use her degree to do more.  In this new position, Spellman gets to manage every project in the county.  She said this fit in with her desire to serve the public even more, “I feel like I can have a much greater impact for the public in this position than in a different position”.
She has already seeing impact in her new role, as she has been a part of resurfacing roads, cleaning out the county ditch, and fixing leaking tile.  Spellman feels rewarded when she sees immediate impact improving people’s quality of life.
Spellman says her biggest challenge at this new position is getting use to the differences between the way the county does things compared to the way the state would do things.  
Spellman says her door is always open.  She welcomes concerns as she realizes that the county is a large area and her department might not hear about every problem unless someone lets them know.
Spellman is also the Public Works Director.