In their final show of the year, St. James High School paid homage to small-town Minnesota with their production of “Land of the White Foreheads”.

The play is set in rural Minnesota, and tells the story of the typical small town, with crazy teens causing mayhem, and the spreading of the usual gossip.

Doing most of the gossiping were Mya Hanson (Aldine) and Barbara Craig (Velma), whose dialogue mimicked conversations between Minnesotans, raising constant laughter from the crowd inside the Little Theatre.

The play takes place throughout the course of the day.

On this particular day, both a funeral and a wedding were held. Tying the knot were Luke (Miguel Martinez) and Amy (Gabriela Trapero).

A variety of musical numbers were also performed by the cast. Kelsey Sagehorn, Nicholas Brey, and Sara Craig highlighted “In The Garden”. Emma Zender took the lead in both “Could I Have This Dance” and “Forever and Ever Amen”. In act two, Zender was also featured in “Goodnight Irene” and “Grandpa”, along with Sara Craig. Trey Witcraft and Luci Kulseth provided a duet in “Don’t Fall in Love With a Dreamer.” The whole cast came together to sing “Amazing Grace”. The final number of the evening, “When the Saints Go Marching In” provided one last song for the ten seniors in the play. Following the play, blankets were given to each of the seniors, who then, in turn, provided gifts for director Linda Becken, music coach Cathy Lick and set design Doug Becken.

Cast: Emma Zender- Louisianny

Mya Hanson- Aldine

Barbara Craig- Velma

Miranda Tetzloff- Wilma Wizbeck

Chantel Henderson- Crazy Charlene

Jovana Rodriguez- Deb

Amber Carlson- Betsy

Johana Rodriguez- Chrissy

Luci Kulseth- Kelly

Landon Hoppe- Victor Wonder

Trey Witcraft- Tungstine/Otis

Daniel Olson- Theo

Kory Krall- Coach Clarence

Kaylem Velasco - Delane

Reymundo Cardenas- Gary

Alisia Medina- Marge

Sara Craig- ‘Ol Con

Kelsey Sagehorn- Preacher Harriet

Miguel Martinez- Luke Gabby Trapero- Amy

Abby Spitzner- Gail

Isaac Carstensen- Johnny Bevoe

Teresa Tobar- Photographer