Chief Andres has information about care of pets.

A citizen sent me an article that was written by Corporal Keith Anderson of the New Ulm Police Department. I thought the article had good information, so I contacted Keith to see if I could use his article for this month’s paper. Keith lost the hard drive the article was saved on, but said I could use his information for my article. The subject of his and my article is pet laws and regulations.

Minnesota statute requires your pet to be fed and have water on a daily basis. Statute also requires your pet to be fed enough daily to maintain their body weight. Your pet must be given enough fresh water to satisfy their needs. Keep your pet’s water dish full and you will meet this standard. Ice and snow do not constitute fresh water, so if your pet stays outdoors in the winter a heated water bowl is needed.

If your pet is outside, then it needs access to shelter. This can be your home if you let your pet in when it needs to come in. If you have a pet that lives outside, then your shelter needs to meet certain requirements. An outside pet shelter must be a moisture and wind proof structure that is of a suitable size to accommodate your pet. It needs to be made of a durable material with a solid moisture proof floor that is at least 2 inches off the ground. Between November 1 and March 31 this structure must have windbreak at the entrance. The structure must be provided with a sufficient quantity of suitable bedding material. Hay, straw, cedar shavings, blankets or the like must be used to provide insulation.

The Sleepy Eye Police Department recommends that all pets be brought inside during the winter for their comfort and safety. In Sleepy Eye, a leash is required when your dog is off your property. Sleepy Eye has an ordinance against a dog that is barking. Now we know every dog barks, but if your dog is continually barking you can be cited in violation of this ordinance. We recommend that if your dog is barking that it be brought inside your home.

If your dog gets loose, please let us know and we will help locate it. There is an ordinance that if your dog is running free you could be charged. Now we understand that this can happen to anyone. We don’t charge people if their dog gets away. We do charge people when it happens often. Please don’t be afraid to call us if your dog gets loose, we are not looking to charge you with a crime and we will attempt to get your dog back to you safe and sound.

Like always, please feel free to call me with questions or concerns.