Miss Rolshoven’s photography class got a unique opportunity this week, getting to take pictures of our national bird, the bald eagle.
Retired teacher Maggie Maire helped set up the event, as she had discovered the opportunity.  The nest was located near La Salle, and Maire received permission from the landowners for the students to come up and take pictures.
When the students arrived, there were no adults in the nest, but after about 10 minutes of waiting, a bald eagle flew into the nest.  The eagle later perched itself on a branch, and gave the students a great opportunity to get very unique and beautiful pictures.
This is the first year that photography has been offered at St. James High School, and 24 students enrolled in the class.  The school has 12 cameras, and are hoping to eventually get enough for each student to have their own to use.  There is also hope that an advanced class can be offered for students to gain even another year of experience.