50 years ago

May 1969

• The first residents moved into Lakeside Manor, the new subsidized housing apartment complex next to Lake Redwood.

• Redwood Falls High School students enjoyed an unscheduled fire drill when a workman who was installing a new intercom system set off the school’s fire alarm by mistake.

• A Gazette editorial proposed that since U.S. college students protested against capitalism, and Iron Curtain college students pro-tested against socialism, a lot of problems could be solved by just exchanging the demonstrators.

• The Redwood Falls High School senior choir’s final concert of the year was held outdoors, at Westside Park. A long-playing vinyl disk recording was made of the concert, with copies sold at no profit to the school.

• The Redwood Falls City Council agreed to hold a special meeting just to discuss whether the bids to enlarge the Memorial Field tennis courts should include a lighting package, or whether lighting should be bid separately.

25 years ago

May 1994

• The 1994 Mens and Ladies Appreciation tournament winners at Hi-Way Lanes bowling – Diane Ness and Ron Krueger – both won with series that included games of the same score – 267.

• A one-year-old, carefully negotiated agreement to annex 10 parcels of land from North Redwood into Redwood Falls was declared invalid when it was discovered several township officials had forgotten to sign it.

• Local realtor Rex Boots presented the Redwood Falls City Council with proposed plans for Homestead Housing Cooperative, a $2.7 million senior housing complex which was to be built on the site of the old Redwood Falls High School.

10 years ago

May 2009

• Scott-Preusse was one of more than 789 dealerships nationwide that was informed it would lose its Chrysler affiliation after the auto manufacturer filed for bankruptcy.

• With state aid funds to cities being cut, the Friends of the Park needed to find more local sources of funds for the Ramsey Park zoo upgrades if they were to be finished by the park’s 100th anniversary in 2012.

• In related news, a Twin Cities design firm estimated it would cost the Friends of the Park $130,000 to redo the duck pond. By working with local volunteers and construction companies, the final cost of the duck pond upgrade came to about $50,000.

• Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty signed the bonding bill that would allocate $1.5 million for a Redwood County veterans cemetery.

• After 80 years, the original First English Church (later the Masonic Lodge) at the corner of East Second and Lincoln streets was demolished in order to make room for the law enforcement center expansion.